Brand Information

Online Hygiene is commited to offering quality products from brand leaders. The brand names below are some of the best known and most sought after, in their fields. All manufacturers of these brands are heavily focussed on the environment with programmes in place to help minimise their effect their operations have on the environment. 

Paper Products

The Katrin® brand belongs to a Scandinavian company called Metsa Tissue. Metsa is hugely proactive in improving environmental sustainability. The majority of the paper products we sell through this website, especially the paper hand towels, are Katrin products.

Most Katrin® products on the Online Hygiene website have been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel, which is a distinction that marks these products as an environmentally responsible choice. The Nordic Ecolabel symbol is displayed next to all relavant products on this website so that you can identify them more easily.

Metsa Tissue have also developed an excellent range of dispensers for many of their products, including paper hand towels and toilet tissue. Their dispenser solutions help to optimise paper consumption and reduce wastage, which not only helps to save costs but also helps save the environment.

Many of the raw materials that make Katrin tissue paper are returned to nature.

The production of Katrin paper towels and other Katrin paper products is carefully managed to help reduce wastage, pollution, and the use of raw materials, energy and other resources.

The paper used in the manufacture of Katrin paper towels and other Katrin products comes from trees grown in FSC forrests. These forests are well managed and sustainable. More trees are planted than are cut down, which means that the forests are increasing in size.

Metsa Tissue is Online Hygiene's biggest, and longest standing, supplier

Metsa Environmental Policy


The Dermagrip brand is owned by WRP, the world's largest manufacturer of premium quality nitrile gloves. Online Hygiene has had great success with Dermagrip brand gloves, which include latex as well as nitrile, and both sterile and non-sterile gloves.  

The Bodyguards brand now belongs to BM Polyco Ltd, which is the UK's largest manufacturer of disposable gloves and work gloves. Online Hygiene stocks a large number of Bodyguards disposable gloves, as well as a specially selected range of Matrix gloves and other work gloves, also manufactured by BM Polyco.

The NHS are advocats of the Bodyguards brand of disposable gloves. Bodyguards gloves are used extensively throughout the NHS. Bodyguards gloves are also hugely popular with motoring industries including Formula One race teams.

The Bodyguards range of disposable gloves includes medical gloves and non-medical gloves. The medical gloves range includes extra thin, extra tough and extra grip options. Bodyguards gloves are available in different formats, including latex, nitrile, vinyl and synthetic gloves. All are available here at Online Hygiene.


Semperit manufacture Semperguard and Sempercare gloves, intended for non medical and medical use respectively. We have supplied Semperit gloves longer than any other brand. They are brand leaders not only in the European market but the American glove market too.

The medical range of disposable gloves manufactured by Semperit are used throughout the NHS and all other areas of the health sector. Semperit's non-medical gloves are used in all types of industry from laboratories, print, dairy, motor and engineering.

Semperit have designed a nitrile glove which fits and feels like latex but is entirely latex-free. This glove, Sempercare Skin2, is available here at Online Hygiene, as well as other nitrile disposable gloves, latex gloves and sterile gloves.  


Hand Care

GOJO® is the leading global producer and marketer of away-from-home skin health and hygiene solutions. The Gojo brand encompasses hand wash products, hand creams and instant hand sanitiser.

GOJO uses state of the art dispensing technology and are constantly developing best practice solutions for the work place. Here at Online Hygiene we supply Gojo TFX dispensers, which are automatic, reduce wastage and are more hygienic than push-button dispensers.

GOJO is commited to improving environmental sustainablility. Their portfolio offers sustainable skincare solutions that reduce environmental impacts. Their dispensers are portion controlled, which reduces waste. The cartridge refills are made from lightweight recyclable PET (Polyester), and the product itself is produced using renewable plant based ethanol in a readily biodegradable formula.

GOJO commits themselves to reducing waste, packaging, water and energy while still delivering advanced, innovative skincare solutions. The company has a stringent recycling and waste management programme. Furniture, computer and electronic equipment, toner cartridges, paper, cardboard, pallets, plastic bottles, steel/metal, bulbs and batteries are all recycled or reused.

Stoko® Skin Care is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of skin protection and skin cleansing. They have 70 years of experience in the field of occupational skin care.

Stoko offers a 3-step programme.

Step 1: Skin protection - Creams and ointments to be used before and during work. 

Step 2: Skin cleansing - Liquid hand cleansers and pastes for use any time.

Step 3: Skin care - Lotions and creams for use after work.

Stoko are a very environmentally aware company. They consider the impact of the entire manfacturing cycle, from raw material through manufacturing process, to disposal of the product or packaging. Their environmental management system is certified according to EN ISO 14001.

Deb offer a fantastic three-step skin care regime as well as many other hand wash, hand cream and hand santiser products. They are an established company now in their 65th year.

Deb Pure Wash is a mild hand cleanser which has been awarded the EU Ecolabel which distinguishes this hand care product as an environmentally responsible choice.

All Deb refill cartridges are fully recyclable, minimizing the amount of packaging which needs to go to landfill.

Deb continuously strives to improve all aspects of packaging – reducing the weight of plastic containers, thus reducing raw material consumption, waste and energy usage; and using the latest corrugated packaging technology to help ensure cartons have maximum strength from minimum cardboard.

Deb soap dispensers are robust and last for longer. Dispensers come with a lifetime guarantee. This durability means reduced raw material consumption and less landfill waste.