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Coloured and Personalised Printed Napkins

We can provide a wide range of coloured napkins and personalised printed napkins as part of a special order range, which will be subject to longer lead times than our usual delivery and a minimum order of 15 cases. Perfect for corporate event and promoting your company's corporate image. Please read the information below and contact us at info@onlinehygiene.co.uk or phone 01367 710404 to request a price list or to discuss your requirements further. 


Coloured napkins are available for all quarter folded napkins (Cocktail, Lunch and Dinner napkins). Not all colour options are available for all napkin styles. Colours may include white, black, natural/kraft, antique rose, orange, buttermilk, champagne, baby blue, navy blue, lilac, purple, lime green, forest green, chocolate, grey, and many others. Minimum order quantities apply. Please ask for more details, including prices and lead times.


You can promote your corporate image on our full range of napkin styles and colours. You will simply be required to provide a JPEG design with no more than two separate colours. Minimum order quantities apply and up to a 4 week lead time.


Picking napkins can be a little confusing. Many of the napkins in our range are Quarter Fold napkins. These are the square traditional napkins. The main option is paper, which usually comes in anything from a 1 ply to 3 ply. A new option today is airlaid material, which is still disposable but feels stronger and softer than paper and has cloth-like qualities, such as low lint and high absorbency. 

Quarter fold Napkins typically come in three different size options:

Beverage / Cocktail Napkins  - 24 x 24 cm (12 x 12 cm folded)
Luncheon Napkins  - 33 x 33 cm (16.5 x 16.5 cm folded)  
Dinner Napkins  -  40 x 40 cm (20 x 20 cm folded)

We also supply dispenser napkins, which are generally smaller and designed specifically for counter top/table top dispensers which allow each napkin to be hygienically dispensed. A well designed dispenser will allow the tissue to be dispensed easily without requiring unhygienic hand contact with the mouth of the dispenser. We supply two popular styles of dispenser napkin:
Low Fold Napkins - 21 x 26 cm (9 x 12 cm folded). Due to the style of the fold, the tissue can easily be gripped to pull out of the dispenser
Full Fold Napkins (also known as single fold, Z fold and Xpressnap) - 23 x 16 cm (11.5 x 16cm folded). Easily dispensed as the tissue should protrude from the dispenser making it very easy to pull out without requiring unhygienic hand contact with the dispenser. 

Please contact us on info@onlinehygiene.co.uk or call 01367 710404 to request further information and price lists. We aim to make the order process as simple as possible.