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Disposable Gloves

Online Hygiene offers a great range of top brand disposable medical examination gloves to businesses and health care centres across the UK. All of our non-sterile disposable medical gloves comply with BS EN455, the UK standard for medical gloves testing. Our range includes disposable nitrile gloves, latex and vinyl/synthetic gloves, all offering different benefits in terms of value, dexterity, sensitivity and chemical resistance.

All our disposable latex gloves are medical quality and used extensively by businesses in the UK and the NHS. Constructed from Natural Rubber Latex. Our disposable medical latex gloves provide excellent elasticity and tensile strength. Latex gloves offer the best fit of any type of disposable medical glove on the market.
Our blue nitrile disposable gloves meet UK standard BS EN455 and as such are deemed medical quality examination gloves, used extensively across the UK, and throughout the NHS. They offer superior strength and tear-resistance. Our blue nitrile disposable gloves are entirely latex-free making them ideal for latex allergy sufferers. Disposable nitrile gloves offer a good fit - some of our disposable nitrile gloves even provide a comparable feel to latex gloves due to improved technology creating a softer more flexible fit.
Our disposable vinyl gloves and synthetic gloves offer the top brands used extensively across the UK. They provide options for medical use and suitable for food handling, but can be used for a wide variety of applications, including general cleaning tasks. Disposable vinyl gloves are becoming popular again in the UK, especially for users that are allergic to latex. In low risk environments vinyl disposable gloves offer a softer feel and more flexible fit than many nitrile gloves, but have the same low allergy risk.