Katrin System 'Inclusive' Hand Towel Dispenser, White

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  • 90045 Katrin System 'Inclusive' Paper Towel dispensers are designed specifically for Katrin System paper towel rolls. The paper is dispensed as single sheets, due to a unique mechanism which cuts the paper as it is pulled outwards.

    Dispensers are easy to load - inserting a roll into the dispenser is done by simply letting the paper drop freely, pulling it until the marked line, and closing the cover

    As the paper is pulled forward a cutting bar inside the dispenser cuts the paper to provide the user with a single measured sheet. The resistance is set to optimise paper consumption by preventing unwanted or excess paper being dispensed - the user is more likely to only take what they need for optimal hand drying.

    When paper is not visible, there is an easy-to-use PUSH bar for paper feeding

    Braille instructions are provided for visually impaired on the PUSH bar

    Unique Twin Roll System - the whole roll is always used. When the roll becomes less than 7.5cm in diametre it drops down into the stub roll position, where it will continue to be used. This allows time to restock the dispenser with a full roll above, which will automatically be used once the stub roll has completely finished.

    The empty cores can simply be pulled out sidewards from the back of the dispenser and recycled

    Transparent side panels allow towel usage to be monitored.

    Sleek and modern space saving design with a high paper yield.

    'Inclusive' design means the dispensers are easy to use for the young, old, able bodied and those less able bodied. Designed especially to help the visually impaired - the black strip along the bottom of the dispenser makes it more noticeable and helps the paper show more clearly.

    Size: H 40.3cm x W 33.5cm x D 21.6cm

    Also available in black (see related products below)

    Product Number: DI-0045

    Special offer! - Buy 4 cases of Katrin paper hand towel and get a FREE Katrin paper towel dispenser

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