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Multifold and Z Fold Paper Hand Towels

Multifold paper hand towels are sometimes known as One-Stop hand towels. They have several folds and the sheets are often attached to one another with perforations which help to separate them easily when pulled through a dispenser. Z fold has just two folds and the sheets are interleaved rather than joined by perforations. Z fold towels are known by other names too, including Non-Stop and Zig Zag towels (Zig Zag can also refer to single fold or V fold towels too). Both Z Fold and Multifold paper hand towels are self presenting which means they hang visibily from the bottom of the dispenser and are therefore easy to grab without making contact with the bottom of the dispenser and risking the spread of germs. This is the most hygienic method of dispensing favoured particularly in healthcare environments. The towels are dispensed open and ready for use which means fewer towels are likely to be used and helps multifold and Z fold paper hand towels two of the most cost effective paper hand towels on the market.

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