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Refuse Collection

Our excellent range plastic black sacks, bin liners and speciality sacks are fit for a variety of purposes. We supply premium black sacks, extra wide sacks to fit around the rim of a dustbin, wheelie bin liners, clear security sacks, biodegradable food caddie liners, thick garden sacks, pedal bin liners and swing bin liners. Many of our black sacks are made with largely recycled materials. 
Economy Black Refuse Sacks, Flat Packed (Box of 200)
Superb value. Suitable for domestic, office and washroom waste up to 8kg in weight.
Premium Black Sacks, 180 gauge, Flat Packed (box of 200)
97% recycled. Much thicker than standard black sacks from the supermarket.
Premium Pedal Bin Liners, Flat Packed (Box of 500)
Thicker than standard pedal bin liners from the supermarket.
Premium Square Bin Liners, Flat Packed (Box of 500)
These heavy duty square bin liners are idea for general waste and household rubbish
Wheelie Bin Liners, 140 gauge, Flat Packed (Box of 100)
97% recycled. Extra long and extra wide to fit most wheelie bins.
Compactor Sacks/Garden Waste Sacks, 280 gauge, (box of 100)
Very thick black sacks ideal for garden waste and medium duty general waste
Clear Security Sacks / Transparent Sacks (box of 200)
Clear security sacks allow you to see what's being taken out of your premises
Compostable Food Waste Caddie Liners (Box of 100)
These biodegradable food caddie liners will biodegrade at a rate similar to your regular compostable waste.
Premium Swing Bin Liners, Flat Packed (Box of 500)
Thicker for heavier duty general waste or kitchen waste